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Sovereign Silver - Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol (Colloidal) 60ml - Mist Spray

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To support your immune system for all of its needs, choose Sovereign Silver Hydrosol for its Actively Charged, Micro-sized particles and ultimate purity. Held in an active Colloidal suspension, this Silver solution is effective at reducing topical pain, fighting skin infections, calming inflammation, supporting the body’s innate healing processes and much more.

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Silver can be used on burns, bug bites, pimples, open wounds, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, blisters, warts, bruises, in grown hairs and more. This formula is kid-friendly, tasteless, odorless, non-greasy, fast acting and easy to use with a spray top. It only has two ingredients, silver and ultra-pure water and is packaged in amber glass which protects the product from UVA and UVB gamma rays and does not leach any harmful chemicals into the product.

Colloidal Silver is truly in a class of its own and has been used for centuries for its role in safe guarding human health. Nanotechnology has rendered silver into an exceedingly powerful tool destined to be one of the most commonly used minerals in the health industry, sanitation industry, energy industry, alternative power industry, environmental management industry among many others.

Silver has many different applications and can be used internally and topically. Sovereign Silver’s unprecedented average particle size of 0.0008 microns (validated by Transmission Electron Microscopy) allows for easy absorption, utilization and excretion from the cells and body.

The reason for this wide-spread application is because of Silver’s well-established biological catalytic activity which excites higher life forms into maximal states of immune function and its physical characteristics which possess the greatest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals while possessing the lowest contact resistance.

Silver is proven to reduce topical pain and take the sting out of skin irritations, calm inflammation, reduce swelling and help the body fend off bacteria while promoting wounds to heal quickly. It is a safe alternative to calamine lotion, acne cream, burn spray and antiseptic lotion. It is for these reasons that this product belongs in any medicine cabinet or first aid kit however it is also a smart idea to travel with or even keep a bottle in your car.


History of Silver:

  • Around 400 B.C., Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, taught that silver supports healing processes.
  • During the middle Ages, upper class Europeans used silver utensils and goblets, ensuring the safety of their food and water.
  • Silver lined the water vessels of the armies of Tsar Alexander as they fought Napoleon.
  • In America’s Old West, it was common practice to drop silver coins into drinking water barrels.
  • As recently as the 1930s, colloidal silver was the preferred choice of physicians for empowering the immune system and supporting the body’s innate healing processes.
  • NASA uses silver in the water purification systems of the space shuttle and the international space station.


Made from 99.99% pure silver and ultra-pure, pharmaceutical-grade purified water (does not contain added salts or proteins)

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